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One Night in Berlin

Last week a business trip led me to Berlin. Our re:BLOG was nominated for the Deutscher Preis für Online Kommunikation (German Award for Online Communication). Although we didn’t win it, we had a really great time and ruled the dancefloor…

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One weekend in Vienna

Last weekend the 60th Eurovision Song Contest took place in Vienna with 27 countries participating and 40 countries broadcasting it on TV. Heaps of people from all kind of nationalities travelled to Austria to be part of it. I…

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All Inclusive in Fethiye

I did it again I spontaneously booked flight tickets to escape the every day routine. This time my partner(s) in crime were my family. Two weeks before, it was clear that the four of us had a week off…


Gewinn ein Fahrrad!

Ihr Lieben, seit einiger Zeit schlägt mein Herz für die Nachhaltigkeit; wenn meine Schwester mich als Öko bezeichnet, fasse ich es mittlerweile als Kompliment auf. Da ich aber noch ein Anfänger auf diesem Feld bin, freue ich mich insbesondere…

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La dolce Vita in Venice

I got overwhelmed by a sudden desire to travel again, so a friend and I spontaneously went online and booked the cheapest flight tickets we could find. Thus, last weekend our journey led us to Bella Italia: Venice. And…


Ahoi Sophie in Hof

Hof is a place in Germany you should definitely visit. If you have a good friend who (out of unknown reasons) moved there in order to study. And by good friend, I mean reaaally good friend. Otherwise I couldn’t…

About Equipment

The GoPro Hero 3+

This post is a quick overview of  the equipment I use. Please deactivate your AdBlocker to see the products. Hardware I started 2014 with a work marathon in order to save money for a camera. When I finally had…

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Ahoi Sophie Wiesn Edition

Everytime people in Australia found out that I’m actually German, their first question was really, you don’t look German what Oktoberfest is like. Awkward. Because I’ve never been to Oktoberfest. Thus, after my return to Germany this was the first thing…

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My first week back in Germany. I enjoyed spending time with my family at the beach and went on a festival. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have these people in my life. Home from Ahoi Sophie…