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Australia Byron Bay

Week #12: BBQ and Byron Bay

James bought a new BBQ and it immediately became the new star in our kitchen. So that other night we invited some friends over to have some burgers. Did you ever try to top up your burger with pineapple…


Week #9: Ahoi Sophie in Sydney

Over Easter, I went to Sydney to get to know my mom’s aunt and cousins. They were so excited when mom told them I was in Australia, so they invited me to visit them and even paid for my…

Australia Brisbane

Study Break

I haven’t posted something for a long time out of the following reasons: I’ve experienced so much over the mid-sem break, thus, …less time for writing posts and editing videos …less time for studying. Yeah, studying. Did I mention…

Australia Moreton Island

Week #8: Moreton Island

I am currently at the library trying to find 600 words to finish my assignment. Well, not really, since it is easier to find words for this blog, I decided to make a quick post. Usually Monday is the…

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Australia Brisbane

Week #7: The people we meet

Surely a semester abroad is about studying at another university, learning a new language and developing oneself; but the most important thing is: The people you meet. It is the people who are shaping your stay and I am…

Australia Brisbane

Week #6: Games, Surf and Sports

Ahoi, dear friends! Another week is over and I can’t believe how time flies by. It has been a busy week: I took my first quizzes and handed in several assignments (one about sea cucumbers; interested? Anyone?), so slowly…

P1030186 - Kopie
Australia Byron Bay

Week #5: Byron Bay – Sun, Surf, Fun

Dear friends, Uni is really killing me. All my classes are still interesting, but the workload is ridiculous. The writing class is asking me to read five textes and hand in two assignments. Every week! The Psyc classes are also…

Australia Brisbane

St. Patrick’s Day in Brisbane

I’ve been doing some culture. As Australia is a multicultural country, the Irish St. Patrick’s day is also being celebrated in down-under. I was studying hard on Sunday morning, when my housemate Caitlin convinced me to come with her…

Australia Brisbane

Week #4: Uni Life & Nightlife Comeback

Dear readers, I have been chosen to be an official blogger for UQ International. Therefore some of Ahoi Sophie’s content can also be seen at My first week at Uni is over and I can tell you there…

Australia Brisbane

Week #3: Sick in Brisbane

The third week in Brisbane is over and things are getting serious. On Friday I went out with some friends. We wanted to start our night in the Red Room, the Bar on Campus, where we had been once…