Ahoi Sophie in Hof

Hof is a place in Germany you should definitely visit. If you have a good friend who (out of unknown reasons) moved there in order to study. And by good friend, I mean reaaally good friend. Otherwise I couldn’t give you a reason to go there.

So as I mentioned I have this reaaally good friend who moved there, Elena. When I visited my old flatmate Tom, who now lives in Berlin, we spontaneously decided to drive down to Bavaria and surprise Elena, our former third flatmate. And with this sentence you can outline what a precious friend she must be, since we were ready to leave Berlin for Hof!

Ahoi Sophie in Hof from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

Three and a half hours later we finally arrived. I think you can see it in Elena’s face, how surprised she was. We went out for dinner and a drink, talked the whole night, before we drove back on the next morning. On our way back, we stopped at a brewery to fill up the trunk with beer and ate at a Bavarian restaurant. I’m so happy to have friends, who would follow me to the end of the world Hof.

Btw.: The green broccoli is our fourth flatmate “Broethe” (a wordplay between broccoli and Goethe)

Lang-Bräu is especially known for its "Erotikbier"

Lang-Bräu is especially known for its “Erotikbier

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