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ahoi sophie in australia – the roadtrip movie 2014

24 hours of film material, 4 months of editing, 8 hours of uploading it on Vimeo later, I now proudly present:

The short movie about Melli’s and my trip throughout Australia in 2014.

Thank you to everyone, who made this time “incroyable”. I am happy and so so grateful about every memory we now share.

If you haven’t done it already, you can also read about our trip, either

I recommend you to snuggle yourself into a cozy corner with a warm cup of tea and come aboard to travel with me to the other side of the world.

Love, Soph

Ahoi Sophie Roadtrip Australia 2014 from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo. The PW for the video is “Ahoi!”

Special thanks go to Gina, for being the better third of “Atemlos”, Mal & Chris, for sharing their love to the sea and Paul, for helping me branding my video.

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