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Ahoi Sophie Wiesn Edition

Everytime people in Australia found out that I’m actually German, their first question was really, you don’t look German what Oktoberfest is like. Awkward. Because I’ve never been to Oktoberfest. Thus, after my return to Germany this was the first thing on the bucket list. JenX, who lives in Munich, organised a Brissi Crew reunion at his place, so we were a group of seven indulging ourselves with the German craftsmanship for a whole weekend.

I stayed at Yan’s apartment and on the first day he and his housemate took me with them, two Asians in a Dirndl and Lederhosen, we surely had everyone’s attention. Martin, another good friend of mine, spontaneously decided to join us too. When he arrived in the evening, we pretended to be Chinese business men from Australia, and with a strong “strayan” accent, people believed us and we actually got permitted into the tent and even into the VIP-Section (they even excused themselves for not having our names on their guest lists).

So many funny stories happened during Oktoberfest which I need to put down in my private diary ;) I surely had a great weekend to keep in mind.

Ahoi Sophie Wiesn Edition 2014 from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo. The PW for the video is “Ahoi!”

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