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Week #17-19: Study, Footy, Dance!

The last few weeks of June were dedicated to studying since exams took place at that time. My house nearly spend the whole day in the library working through all the past lectures. We only went home for lunch and…

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Week #17: Home, sweet home!

Currently my home is the library. I’ve been studying since last week, preparing for my four exams next week. That is why this week’s post is not about what I’ve done in Week #17 (pretending to be a studious…

Australia Brisbane

Week #16: Meet the Brissi Crew

Last week was the last week of classes, before the start of SWOTVAC, studying without teaching vacation. My travel plans are paused and I spend a lot time in the library or in our study area at home. I…

Australia Brisbane

Week #15: The Color Run Brisbane

There are not many reasons getting me out of bed before 7. Especially not if the reason involves running and exercise. Well, if you add colours, it is a totally different situation. Welcome to the colour run! It was such…

Australia Brisbane

Week #13: Brisbane on a Budget

I’ve been to many places in Australia, yet I feel I haven’t enjoyed living in Brisbane enough. Thus, some friends and me went on a picnic together. Every Sunday from 2-5 there’s free open-air live-music at Southbank (the cultural centre of…