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I cut my hair. Does this change your perception of me? Does this change my perception of me? Does this change me? I believe we tend to surround ourselves with people who are alike us. It’s great: You have…

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Strangers at the Airport

Although I travel alone, I rarely feel lonely. I enjoy to travel on my own, it is a complete different experience than travelling with company. Being by your own, forces you to be fully attentive and conscious, moreover you…

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I graduaded.

Last Saturday was my graduation and I was honored to give the valedictory speech. It was a speech dedicated to our generation, often called as “Generation Y”. It was a speech about courage. As my outfit, I chose a white…

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Well, that escalated quickly

DANKE! Danke euch, für eure Unterstützung! Ich hätte nie damit gerechnet in den ersten 24h so viel Feedback zu bekommen! Über 100 Likes auf Facebook? Ach du heiliges Kanonenrohr! Ich dachte dazu müsste ich erstmal süße Bilder von Katzen…

the road not taken
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The road not taken

by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the…

Ocean in Vung Tau
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The Courage to slow down

Racing seems to be an often occurring phenomenon among my generation. We are educated to race. Competition starts early, since globalization broadens the field of rivals and there are a lot of new possibilities, through which gaining education becomes…

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The Race

Imagine you are in a car race. Hitting the gas pedal, to be the fastest. Not looking to the left or right, only focusing on the finishing line. 250 km/h. The farer you get, less and less people can…