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The Courage to slow down

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Racing seems to be an often occurring phenomenon among my generation. We are educated to race. Competition starts early, since globalization broadens the field of rivals and there are a lot of new possibilities, through which gaining education becomes easier. It is all about being qualified, better and faster than the other are. By now, people finish school at the very young age of 17 and then have to decide what to do afterwards. Some people already found their passion, some have the courage to take their time to find out what’s inside their heart, but most people are afraid of taking a break, so they start to study a randomly chosen course of studies (“something with economy is never wrong” or “I’ve always wanted to do something with the media”) just to keep on racing.

Why is it so hard to pause? Leaving the race track is hard out of two reasons.

One: Following the beaten path is easier

There seems to be a beaten path, which the majority of us is taking. Something like “finish school and university before taking a job”. Of course there is a high probability that you will become successful when going this given way properly. A lot of people have walked it and if you make an effort, you will somehow succeed. This way is therefore often chosen out of comfort. In comparison, when going your own way, you have to fight for each step, plus you are not sure where it will lead you to. Honestly, I admire the courage of those, who quit school in order to pursue their passion. It really requires a lot of courage to move out of our comfort zone and to stand the pressure. I do not want to say that everyone should leave school, but in many cases the given way does not suit to the individual and thus, will not lead to satisfaction.

Two: Give up your pole position is a challenge

Leaving the race track is not easy. At the moment you slow down you can watch others overtaking you. In the beginning you are thinking of switching back to the fast lane, you have been racing all the time, why suddenly lose your leading position? Why give up all the hard work of the past years? You are tempted, you cannot resist and then again you are hitting the gas pedal, hoping to catch up. But with the time you remember that all the speed was senseless if where you are heading for is not the destination where you want to go.

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