Hi there! I’m Sophie, twenty-something and from Hamburg, Germany.

Ahoi Sophie is about my travels, mainly about my journey to listen to my heart.

Listening to ones heart sounds easy, but it’s not. Nowadays it seems like everyone is talking so loud, so it becomes hard to hear your own voice. Thus, it becomes hard to differentiate from what you want and from what you think you want, because others made you think so.

I know that there is a bunch of people out there, feeling insecure and unoriented just like me. I am happy if you accompany me and will tell you stories from Hamburg, Brisbane, or wherever my heart currently leads me to. I get lost to find myself.


Why ‘Ahoi Sophie’

_’ahoi’ or ‘ahoy’ is used to signal a ship or a boat, it reminds me of the sea and of my hometown Hamburg
_this blog is a communication channel back home while my travels around the world. Ahoi Sophie is a call home from overseas

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!








Ahoi Sophie is hosted by my friends from CentraWeb



Every purchase via Amazon will support Ahoi Sophie. It doesn’t cost anything for you, but maybe at sometime I could afford my next lunch with those peanuts (:





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