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13 Favourite Spots in Singapore

Time flies by in Singapore and I am exploring new places everyday! It is hard to keep on track with my diary, because I am rarely at home. At least I can capture some memories with my phone to share my favourite spots in Singapore with you in this photo-diary-kind-of-post.

1. At Home – At Work

IMG_6221This picture shows some of my colleagues. We just tried on the helmets out of our “survival kit” for dangerous filming area. I feel very comfortable among them, we always have a good laugh at work.

IMG_20150727_152058~2This is our studio. It is an old shop house located in one of the most beautiful streets of Singapore. There is a karaoke bar to our right and an buddhist temple to our left, further down the street are restaurants, club, bars, cafes, shops of various kinds.


This is a very comfy couch at the office. In my defense: We were covering the news about Bangkok until 6.30 am, so I took a short nap.. But generally I like to be at the office. Next to all the work it is also a place to meet, chat and eat together.

2. Sundays @ the Training Shed

IMG-20150819-WA0010Like last Sunday. On that day we met at the office to go to the Training Shed. Every other Sunday that place turns into a laid-back open-air chillout session, accompanied by live-music.

3. Wakeboarding @ Punggol

DSCN3222Or like on last week’s Monday we met at the office to go Wakeboarding. What a fun experience!

4. Fair Price

IMG-20150816-WA0050Also fun: Shopping at Fair Price

IMG-20150816-WA0043Especially if you buy some ice-cream.

IMG-20150816-WA0035Well. This is kinda getting out of hand.

5. Tiong Bahru

IMG_20150808_122730~2A morning spent in Tiong Bahru, is a morning well spend. For example having breakfast at the Tiong Bahru Bakery after buying a book at Books Actually.

6. Pools

IMG_20150819_173400~2Well. A morning spent swimming in the pool all by yourself is not bad either. My colleague gave me his spare card, so now I have unlimited access to this beauty.

7. On top of Singapore

IMG_20150807_103613~2Btw, this is the view from the building’s 46th floor.

8. Potato Head

IMG-20150820-WA0008-2Another great view.

9. Marina Bay Sands

IMG_20150730_010034~2Another great view. (C’est la Vi)

10. Maison Ikkoku

IMG_20150728_215523~2Another great drink.

11. One Two Kitchen11885321_972887442751182_1357746374164722024_n

And this, my friends, was one of the best things I ever ate. Although I only ate the sides of this amazing Korean BBQ.

12. National Museum of Singapore

IMG_20150808_140842~2As you can see, Singapore has a lot to offer. To gain a better understanding of the land I’m currently living in, I went to the museum and visited the permanent exhibition, telling you the story of Singapore, starting 700 years ago. I did not only include this favourite spot for the culture quota on Ahoi Sophie, but mainly because I really recommend this exhibition!

13. Pulau Ubin


Last but not least: Pulau Ubin. This island gives you an idea of what Singapore used to look like. Including wild monkeys, pigs and birds.

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