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The GoPro Hero 3+

This post is a quick overview of  the equipment I use. Please deactivate your AdBlocker to see the products.


I started 2014 with a work marathon in order to save money for a camera. When I finally had the money, I had to decide between a SLR and a GoPro. I never regret my decision to take the video camera, no I’d rather say the GoPro was one of my best purchases of 2014.

I bought the GoPro 3+ Black Edition on Amazon (Click the Picture above to get redirected to the product). There’s a newer version out by now, but for me the extra costs for the Hero 4 are not worth it, I’m totally satisfied with the functions of the 3+.

In general advantages of the GoPro are

  • Resistant to water, sand, …
  • Small and light, so you can take it anywhere
  • Easy to handle
  • Delivers good quality movies
  • there are a lot of gadgets for your GoPro like a Surfboard Mount, a Chest Mount or even a drone (it’s expensive though)
  • I don’t look too Asian as if I had bought the SLR


  • weak battery
  • not strong at dark settings
  • Sound quality is not too good

Other reasonable products to buy with your GoPro are substitute batteries and a case.

Further I bought a stick and a floating back.



And of course a memory card. Important: It must be able to memorize high speed data.

And trust me 32GB are far not enough. So either you buy several memory cards or an external memory.




I started editing my videos with Windows Movie Maker since it was already installed on my laptop. I then switched to GoPro Studio, which you can download for free as well. It is easy and there are some cool templates for quick editing, but it also has its limits. Especially nerve-stretching were the facts that firstly GoPro Studio makes a copy of each video you import and converts it (even though they are already in GoPro specification) and secondly that possibilities of editing are really limited. If you are really into a cool video I recommend Adobe Premiere Elements 13.

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