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All Inclusive in Fethiye

I did it again I spontaneously booked flight tickets to escape the every day routine. This time my partner(s) in crime were my family.

Two weeks before, it was clear that the four of us had a week off at the same time, so we decided to go on a family vacation. So every single one of us looked for last minute discounts. I voted for a trip to Kos, car hire included to discover the island. My parents whereas voted for an all-inclusive club-vacation in Turkey and my sister got convinced as soon as she saw pictures of the hotel. Since I am currently trapped in my free-spirited, freedom and self-expression-seeking phase, this sounded to me like jail. I pictured myself flying to a different country and all I’d see would be the massive hotel area while being forced to dance the club dance. Turned out: I was right. Plot twist: I pretty enjoyed it.


We started our trip Saturday morning and after a pretty rough flight with Sunexpress (this is one of the airlines where people still clap after landing) landed in Dalaman, Turkey. A 45-minute drive later, we arrived in Fethiye, Calis Beach at our hotel: Jiva Beach Resort. After checking-in, I immediately found my favourite spot: The windowsill of our balcony. From then on I spent my mornings there to get sunkissed while overlooking the ocean with its calming sounds being surrounded by the mountains. But the whole hotel was full of lovely spots. It is build like a small city with a lake in the center of it. There are six different bars, three restaurants and one pâtisserie, which is open 24/7 to spoil you with unlimited desserts. The three pools were almost always empty, because the bottom rooms all have their private pool. We however, chose the private beach for a swim.




Fethiye is still in the process of growth and thus not overrun by tourists yet. Also travelling off-season was the best thing happen to us. We almost had the whole hotel for our own, I’d even say that there were more waiters than guests. The staff in general was really nice and service-oriented. Well, some exceptions were a bit too flirty. I consider myself as a polite person, always in for a good chat, as long as it stays professional. But two marriage proposals and three offers of going out are behind my tolerance line. This shouldn’t sound arrogant, I’ve always been a wallflower and hardly noticed by anyone, but maybe that’s why I couldn’t handle this unprofessional behavior.


Despite this, Turkish people are really friendly. On one day we catched the Dolmus to Fethiye, the local transport minivan picking you up all along the route and letting you off wherever you like to.  I picked up some Turkish phrases to start a conversation. It’s so easy to make people happy! Especially on the market in Fethiye merchants tend to shout out “Ni Hao”. Their surprised faces, when I responded in Turkish, quickly turned into laughter and a nice short conversation. Sometimes it even turned into free food for us.


Fethiye Market

One week in Fethiye was definitely a refresh for the soul, doing nothing all day and not having to worry about anything. But I can’t wait to come back to Turkey to explore beyond the hotel borders.



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