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The First Days in Singapore

Some of you might have noticed: After being Hamburg-bound for one year, I again packed my suitcases to switch countries and offices. For the next month I’ll be in Singapore working for ARD – the German television and radio.

I spent the first few days strolling around different districts to get familiar with the streets, the public transport and the heat – oh the heat! The picture above is for instance a bakery close to my flat located in Tiong Bahru. I also went to an Open Air Electro Festival and a bike-trip to Pulau Ubin, an island close to the shore.


Getting lost in the city, or in this case country, in the first couple of days is my favourite part of travelling. With every day your mental map of it gets stronger and stronger, while you start to feel home. And I do feel home by now. Thanks to kind people I also got to know more hidden cool places. A highlight was definitely Maison Ikkoku, a small café by day and a bar by night. You just choose your taste (bitter, sweet, sour, dry, dessert, …) and the barkeeper will mix you a drink right from the spot.

The Bar @ Maison Ikkoku

The Bar @ Maison Ikkoku

Let me take you around Singapore!

The First Days in Singapore from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo. The PW for the video is “Ahoi!”

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