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One weekend in Vienna

Last weekend the 60th Eurovision Song Contest took place in Vienna with 27 countries participating and 40 countries broadcasting it on TV. Heaps of people from all kind of nationalities travelled to Austria to be part of it. I was none of them. I came to Vienna for different reasons.


My former badminton coach, who by now is the national coach of Germany, regularly hosts badminton camps in different cities. Whenever I can make it, I accompany him as a co-coach. So from Friday afternoon, until Sunday afternoon, we were on the field with 20 motivated participants, highly willing to learn how to hit the shuttlecock more effectively.


Since I already arrived Thursday night, on Friday I had some time to take a stroll along the streets to explore the city of Vienna apart from its sports halls. I abandoned the map and took small streets and literally discovered impressive buildings behind every corner. When I came out of one narrow street and suddenly found myself right in front of the Hofburg, my body couldn’t move any further, because I was in such an awe. In the Hofburg I visited the famous Prunksaal of the National Library and again I was deeply impressed by beauty. Actually I think that during my whole stay in Vienna I walked in slow-motion, because I was too focused on being impressed. Vienna is such a proud city, even the university looks like a majestic castle with its antic tiles and painted ceilings.



However, my highlight was the guided tour I spontaneously took at the United Nations Headquarter in Vienna. Working for the UN is one of my goals in life and the insights that I gained during the tour, strongly encouraged me to follow this dream.


My other highlights: On Sunday I went for a walk at Belvedere. Because of the light drizzle, I kind of had the place on my own. On Monday I woke up early to ride the bike 40 minutes across the city to visit Schönbrunn, before I met a friend for lunch, then caught my flight heading back towards home. What a beautiful weekend!






  • Sleep: AirBnB has a lot of offers
  • Eat: Yamm, the restaurant opposite the University. Delicious vegan and vegetarian food in all varieties in a fancy atmosphere
  • Do: Rent a city bike for 1€ to explore the city and definitely visit the UN! And if you want to participate at our next badminton camp, stay informed (:

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