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Slow down – Happiness is trying to catch you

At first I want to announce that Ahoi Sophie will be continued in English, so Mum, Dad, now you are forced to learn all the vocabulary I gave to you. I figured out that my German is already suffering, especially when I’m drunk (I didn’t teach my parents this word though).

My second week in Brisbane is over and this city already feels like home. This is due to the city itself since it is really livable and also due to the people I met since I’m here. People keep on asking me what I am doing, because Uni does not start before next Monday. Well, actually I am just enjoying life. Living without a plan, doing what comes to my mind. And by doing this, I am experiencing so many moments of pure happiness.

Slow down – Happiness is trying to catch you.

Some of these moments are captured in this video. Last Sunday for example I met Hannah, my friend from Germany, who is doing a beach 2 bush program here in Brisbane. We went to Southbank, an area south the CBD, which is known for its free cultural program such as live music, its man-made beach (the picture of this post), its botanical garden or its cafes along the street. I really love Southbank, it is a great place to just stroll around.

Also, I own a Gold Membership Card for UQ Sports, so I can use all the offers such as the aquatic centre and that’s why I am trying to go for swim every day (update: ok, I gave it up after two days..).

And my lovely housemates, who I’ll introduce to you in a video later on when we are complete (our fifth housemate Jess is coming this weekend), made me to try Australian food. So I ate Tim Tams and a teaspoon full of Vegamite (#neverdoitagain).

Our Pancake-Sunday deserves an own video. We have Pancake-Sundays every fortnight with our neighbors, who are friends from College. The five boys are living one house up the street and I am sure you’ll hear more of them since they are very nice and I love to hang out with them (plus, we don’t have WiFi yet, so I am nearly always there to upload my posts, thanks boys). They even took me to party last Tuesday, but that’s another video and story. So stay tuned to get to know my housemates (as soon as Jess moves in), our house (as soon as we have all our furniture) and our neighbors (as soon as I have enough video material).

PS. Sorry for the music, but it’s GEMA-free

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