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Study Break

I haven’t posted something for a long time out of the following reasons: I’ve experienced so much over the mid-sem break, thus,
…less time for writing posts and editing videos
…less time for studying.

Yeah, studying. Did I mention that I am in Australia to actually study? Well, there are two big assignments due to Thursday. I’d rather imitate the guy sitting next to me in the library (he came, set up his stuff and started with a nap. Still sleeping) than read journals and cite them, but I have been lazy for too long now. So here are my three favorite spots to study:


The boys’ porch

The other evening the German boys invited me for dinner at their house. The part I liked the most? Their porch! The smell of lavender and the sunrays coming through the plants – I instantly felt the good feng shui at this place. So I spontaneously stayed for three days. Thanks for hosting me :)




UQ Global Change Institute

Hey Leuphana – take this! This is real sustainability for just a third of the amount of money you are going to spend! The Global Change Institute building at Uni “is designed to meet the highest sustainable standards. […] The bold $32 million structure is a ‘living building’ that aims to work with the environment, rather than consume its resources. For instance the building will harvest all of its own energy and water on site and plans to operate Carbon Neutral and Zero Energy strategies in its daily operation” (See more at The GCI’s homepage). And you can feel it. I like the fresh air, the nice temperature and the modern design – good study place!

State Library of Queensland


Front row river view, a real study atmosphere and lots of nice spots to take a break. This library is way better than the one’s at UQ, crowded with people talking and eating, rarely studying!

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