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Week #11: Pozieres – Dave’s 21st at his farm

Two houses up the street, there are five boys, or shall I call them lads, living together. They are my housemates’ friends from college* and their door is always open, so I often just come by to say hi. You might have seen them in one of my Pancake Sunday videos.

Pancake Sunday at Fifth Ave.

Pancake Sunday at Fifth Ave.

One of the inhabitants is Dave, who you might have seen in our Salsa video. In the beginning of May, there was another occasion to hit the dancefloor: It was Dave’s 21st birthday and he invited our house to his hometown Pozieres to celebrate (You’re of age with 18, but somehow the 21st birthday is the big one in Aus..). As Jess had too many assignments to finish and Sam pulled the sicky, it was James, Caitlin and me starting the 2,5h drive from Brisbane. The beauty of this trip already started with the drive. As I looked outside the car window, I could see breathtaking views. Mountains, rain-forests and a beautiful sunset.

When we arrived at Dave’s house and I stepped out of the car, I was shocked: It was cold! Caitlin told me to bring a jacket and I did, without expecting to actually need it. At first I refused to put it on, because I laughed at everyone who talked about Australian winter, but later on I found myself constantly next to one of the heating lamps (the party was outside).

Yes, we're wearing jackets. Yes, we're still in Australia.

Yes, we’re wearing jackets. Yes, we’re still in Australia.

While chatting with all the guests (mostly former Cromwell-College* students, by now I’d like to call myself an external Cromwell) we got offered delicious snacks, before the wood-fired pizza got delivered. And I had a reunion with a former friend: Oyster shots. The last time we met, it was more a hate-love relationship. I was in Vietnam, going out with a friend, my cousin and my sister, when the bartender told us to try a bloody mary with an oyster in it. That was the end of the night for all of us. So this time, I kindly said no to that sneaky little shot.

During the whole night an amazing live-band was performing, only interrupted by really entertaining speeches from Dave, his family and some of his friends. You could clearly see everyone adored Dave, which is not surprising, Dave, you’re such a cool lad! :)

When my feet got tired from dancing, I went to bed. Most of the guests brought tents to camp on the property, James, Caitlin and me planned to sleep in the car. Afraid of the cold, Alicen and Brody offered me to sleep inside so I changed plans and slept in a shed instead. The shed was a short walk away and was built by Dave and his brother directly at their reservoir. I forgot to mention: Dave’s parents own a huge apple farm! And by huge I mean huuge, you need 4x4s to cross the property! That shed whereas was tiny. It had two floors, the upper floor’s floor (hah) was just covered with two mattresses. There was a window overlooking the reservoir and as I laid down to sleep, I could see the stars and the milky way through that window. This was the best night in Australia so far.

In the morning, we woke up to get some breakfast, before travelling back to Brisbane. I tried one of the delicious homegrown apples and enjoyed the walk through the fields. I really love the country, it is so calm and so are you. I am so looking forward to go to the country again (I’ll go to a winery next week).

Thanks Davos for the invitation, I’m so glad you’re my neighbor! :)


Week #11: Daves 21st in Pozieres from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

PS.: The video doesn’t show much, whilst dancing I tend to forget to record.

PPS.: Check out Pool! Such a cool band from Germany, they’re actually some Lads I went to school with!

*College in Australia is like a boarding school somewhere else. Students living at Cromwell college study at UQ. UQ has several colleges, competing with each other.

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