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Week #12: BBQ and Byron Bay

James bought a new BBQ and it immediately became the new star in our kitchen. So that other night we invited some friends over to have some burgers. Did you ever try to top up your burger with pineapple and beetroot? Delicious!

The next day I joined some friends to spent the weekend in Byron Bay, going surfing. Stefan and Rikke, two danish friends, bought a car, so we could drive towards the Gold Coast. We stayed at the Backpackers Inn hostel, which is situated directly at the beach, pretty cool for a hostel. After checking in, we immediately went surfing. Unfortunately the current was too strong for me, so  I couldn’t catch too many waves. Instead, I spotted two little boys, literally flying on the waves. Talking to the surf teacher of our hostel I found out that the two were Kyuss (13) and Rasmus (8) King, known as the Volcom brothers. You should check out their videos, the Kings are such good surfers that other surfers leave the water, when seeing these two enter it.

On Saturday morning we woke up at 5.30, to once again, enjoy the sunrise from the most easterly point of Australia. But this time, we drove up the mountain by car. Afterwards we went straight into the water again. Seeing the sun coming up, while you are out in the water on your board, is really worth waking up early. Another highlight of this trip happened in the evening of that day.  We were out to get food when we passed two musicians, one playing the guitar while the other played the violin. They were playing in front of a nice restaurant and people clearly enjoyed the amazing music, when four teenagers came by and stopped. The musicians were just about to finish their last song, but the teenagers begged for one more song. The visitors of the restaurant got skeptical, but when the musicians started playing again, the four young people started to dance hip hop to the classical music. Against all expectations, it worked so well and everyone was taken by the performance, that just came up spontaneously. I was so sad that I didn’t bring my GoPro to capture this moment to share the beauty of it with you. But I’ll always remember it, because it reminds me of how beautiful life can be when it is simple. And how strangers can create such amazing moments just by being nice to each other.

What I actually can share with you are some..

Recommendations for Byron Bay


  • Beloporto burger – seriously, the best burger I had so far
  • Bay kebab – ask for the mixed kebab
  • Don’t: Go to “The balcony” and order the Peach Chai Vodka. Sounds good, but is absolutely not worth the AUD16!


  • Backpackers Inn – lovely hostel directly at the beach
  • Or Nomads – centrally in the city, cheap and clean


  • Cheeky Monkeys – dance on tables and win shots during competitions
  • Woodys – you can win a surfboard every week, watch out for their specials!

This video prooves that I have no sense of holding the camera straight… I’ll work on it!

Week #12: BBQ and Byron Bay from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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