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Week #14: Dessert Night and West End Market

Like Week #13, I again spend my week in Brisbane. As exams are getting closer, and the budget is getting shorter, I am kind of forced to stay. But there are so many possibilities to enjoy yourself in this city, even if you are currently short of money. On Thursday, Nicole (USA) invited us to a Dessert Night, so everyone brought a self-made/self-bought delight for everyone to share. Hannes (GER) tried to turn his melon into art, well, art is in the eye of the beholder.

On Saturday Raisa (Trinidad & Tobago/Canada) and me went to the West End Market, my favourite market in Brisbane so far. You can get fruits and veggies for little money and a whole variety of international dishes. In the video you can see two little boys sitting on the ground, happily eating a Vietnamese specialty. It was this market, where I found a special kind of leaf, which I was looking for to do one of my favourite vietnamese dishes.

This video is unfortunately not available in HD due to my restrictions on Vimeo as a Basic-User. Attentive readers of Ahoi Sophie might notice that I am still behind with my videos as we are already in week 16; I’ll upload the video of Week #15 as soon as my weekly limit on Vimeo is reset. Moreover I’ll add the nationality of my friends in brackets from now on, to show you how international my crew is :)


Week #14: Dessert Night and West End Market from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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