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Week #15: The Color Run Brisbane

There are not many reasons getting me out of bed before 7. Especially not if the reason involves running and exercise. Well, if you add colours, it is a totally different situation. Welcome to the colour run! It was such a wonderful Sunday morning that I spent having fun with Rikke (DK), Thomas (DK), Emilie (NLD), A-Lo (NOR), Gina (GER) and Christin (GER).

The Saturday before, I went to a Brewery and Winery with QUEST, the Exchange Society of UQ. Although I really enjoyed former excursions with QUEST, this one was a little bit disappointing.  I expected it to be a tour, to learn more about Wine and Beer, but instead it was just a degustation. And seriously, that beer wasn’t worth the 2h drive and the wine, I was spoiled with good wine the day before.

That’s because on Friday I was invited to my housemate Sam’s 21st birthday. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant called Enoteca, where they served us a five course dinner. Yees, one, two, three, four, five! WHAT A DINNER! And the highlight was: The wine! We got offered three different wines, two reds and one white. After choosing, my glass was never empty again. The waitress was really attentive and memorized everyone’s choice of wine to refill the glasses as soon as they were almost empty. The best wine though, was the dessert wine, soo good! Thanks for the fancy night!

Week #15: The Color Run Brisbane from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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