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Week #16: Meet the Brissi Crew

Last week was the last week of classes, before the start of SWOTVAC, studying without teaching vacation. My travel plans are paused and I spend a lot time in the library or in our study area at home. I have four exams in a row and 13 lectures to revise for each class. However, breaks are important so I went and visited the boy’s house (one of my favourite study places). Hannes invited me for dinner, since I helped him with one of his assignments and every time I am around, Malte grabs his guitar to start a music session.

On the next day I sat myself down on their porch to study. Well, at least I tried, because Malte came up with the spontaneous idea to go and play Badminton. And on that arvo I rediscovered my joy of playing Badminton. My whole family is playing this kind of sports, so I also started really early and quickly it became a big part of my life. I played tournaments, joined a team to play in a league, did my coaching licence, but eventually I was fed up with the competitiveness and the pressure to perform. Since leaving Germany, I have not touched a shuttle cock or a racket, but when I finally played with Malte, I remembered how fun Badminton was.

My second break from studying was the BBQ at my friend A-Lo’s place. Everyone brought some food (except for Tali, Tali brought her whole fridge), and Raisa made her delicious Salsa. A-Lo also bought ice-cream – what a fulfilling evening! Of course a fulfilling evening wouldn’t be fulfilling without a round of flunkyball, some tunes on the Ukulele and watching nonsense on YouTube. I don’t know how I found these people, or how they found me, but I am so grateful for all the crazy love! Meet some of them in the video below (again, HD can only be viewed on Vimeo).


Week #16: Meet the Brissi Crew from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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