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Week #17-19: Study, Footy, Dance!

The last few weeks of June were dedicated to studying since exams took place at that time. My house nearly spend the whole day in the library working through all the past lectures. We only went home for lunch and dinner and for a good game of chess. Unfortunately the football championships took place at the same time. And as one of my strengths is to set priorities, I managed to watch every single German game. There is a bunch of German people in Brisbane, so we occasionally met at someones place to watch the game, sometimes we did a sleepover. On one day we went to Dunder to dance (the coolest club in town) and to watch the Germans play afterwards. It was 5am in the morning when we started to go back and it was 11am on that day, when I went to sit my exam. I have to admit: That was not my best idea.

Also, as our time as a UQ kid was coming to an end, we all went to the Merchandising Shop to buy us UQ hoodies. Another break we took from studying was the private fitness session at home with personal coach Sam. In addition, I added Sam’s birthday (which was in May) into this video, because I have never shown you, how we surprised him with balloons and pancakes for breakfast.

You can see that even though we were seriously studying, fun and laughter was never far.

Week #17-19: Study Footy Dance from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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