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Week #17: Home, sweet home!

Currently my home is the library. I’ve been studying since last week, preparing for my four exams next week. That is why this week’s post is not about what I’ve done in Week #17 (pretending to be a studious Asian), but finally showing you what I called home for the last couple of months. I call it the Castle College, referring to the famous Australian movie. And anticipatory as I am, I edited this video before study week, I wish I was as anticipatory regarding my studies…

Before coming to Australia, I was preparing myself to live in a shit house. Like lowering my living standards, expecting to live in a messy house. My only wish was it to find nice people to live with. Lucky as I was, I really found them, my four Australian housemates who became my Australian family. But against my expectations our house is really nice too! I felt the good Feng Shui from the first moment on :) My room is not that big, we lovingly call it the Cupboard under the Stairs. I have a bed and a cupboard, but it is enough for me. I’m not spending that much time in that room anyway, since we have a really spacious living area with an open kitchen and a study area. And a really nice backyard, too.

But talk is cheap, so come with me, I’ll give you a house tour!
(Let’s make a detour and go to Vimeo to watch it in HD ;) )

Week #17: The Castle College from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

PS. That music is from the talented Ben Stereomode. Go and follow him on Soundcloud :)

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