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Week #20: Sunshine Coast, O’Reillys National Park, Surfer’s Paradise

As it was time to say goodbye to my beloved housemates, they invited me for a delicious dinner at a Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant. We had way too many bowls of food and on top some deep-fried ice-cream. It was a nice night out as a house and I will definitely miss this.

While James won the Lady Liberty Shark Swim in NYC (!!), Sam took me to the Sunshine Coast, where I spend the weekend with his family enjoying breakfast in the sun, strolling around the seafront including fish and chips, or playing fun activity games after dinner. Dear Miller-family, thank you for all your kindness and hospitality, you make the world a lot more beautiful. I am really looking forward to invite you to a Vietnamese dinner at our house in Germany :)

Then Caitlin and I went on an adventure. She drove me all the way down to New South Wales, where we hiked in O’Reilly’s Rainforest. We climbed trees and bridges high above the ground and the beautiful surroundings made me forget my fear of heights. Afterwards we had lunch at Surfer’s Paradise – what a great trip, thank you for all the fun, dear Caitlin!

Looking back I am really grateful for having found this housemates. I could not ask for better mates and our memories we share will always be kept deep down in my heart.

All my love and hugs to you James, Caitlin, Sam and Jess!
Soph, xx

Week #20: Goodbye Castle from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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