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Week #5: Byron Bay – Sun, Surf, Fun

Dear friends,

Uni is really killing me. All my classes are still interesting, but the workload is ridiculous. The writing class is asking me to read five textes and hand in two assignments. Every week! The Psyc classes are also asking for assignments and my first Marine Studies test will be tomorrow. Luckily I have a strategy for this situation: Escape, avoid, forget!

So on Friday morning I took the bus to Byron Bay with 250 other international students. QUEST, which stands for Queensland University Exchange Students Society, organized the trip for all of us and it was amazing! We stayed in two hostels and had breakfast and dinner together before we owned the night. In the meantime we sobered up at the beach. Me, I was in the water all the time. I finally had the chance to go surfing, so it was just me, the board and the waves. A friend of mine took a surf lesson and then passed on his knowledge to me. Soo good! The only disadvantage was that my face is really tanned now and the rest of my body isn’t. I had to wear that wet suit because I got bruises and rushes on the first day from surfing and they were burning like hell (still are). The suit protected me from more pain… One thing which was also pretty cool was our hike to the most easterly point of Australia to see the sunrise. We woke up at 5am and walked for like an hour, which was terrible because I had like two hours of sleep and I probably was still drunk. Looking back, I am really proud I made it. My motivation to keep on going was the thought of doing a time lapse to share this moment with you. And here it is: 40 minutes of filming (and protecting my GoPro from other tourists stepping into the view…) speeded up with Windows Movie Makers fastest speed (I really need to activate Sony Vegas).

This weekend was really awesome, just how I imagined my stay in Australia. Unfortunately, I’m back and being near Uni makes it harder to procrastinate. Fortunately, I already booked the next surfing trip on next Saturday! I’ll keep you updated :)


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