Australia Moreton Island

Week #8: Moreton Island

I am currently at the library trying to find 600 words to finish my assignment. Well, not really, since it is easier to find words for this blog, I decided to make a quick post. Usually Monday is the day on which I am posting the video of the last week – this week there is a delay due to all the assignments I have to hand in. And I am really stressed, because I did so much cool stuff last week instead of studying, now I am a little bit under pressure. Let’s be honest. A lot.

On Monday I went to play Touch Football.

On Tuesday was Alfonso’s Birthday (my spanish friend), which was really nice. The place where he stays has a big terrace with a pool, so we went in for a dive. Alfonso orderd Pizza for everyone and we had really delicious Sangria.

Wednesday: I love vietnamese food, so before I went to Australia my mom cooked me my favorite dishes, because it was uncertain, when I would have the chance to enjoy the incredible taste again. And when I was here I really missed it. I tried to do some dishes on my own, but let’s say, it was a nice try. So I came to the conclusion that higher forces should prepare my dinner: A vietnamese Restaurant. Some friends of mine wanted to try vietnamese as well, so we were about 20 people showing up at the Trang Restaurant in West End. It was such a nice evening, so we moved on to a bar to have a drink before we headed home.

Thursday: I totally forgot what I did on Thursday… did I try to study? not sure…

Friday-Sunday: Moreton Island. The reason why I have to suffer now. Instead of being rationally clever and staying at home to do some assignments, I decided to flee again… to an island without phone reception, but white sand and clear water everywhere. Some impressions in the video below.

Now back to asian study mode.

PS.: I got some problems with YouTube, but Vimeo seems to be nicer anyway! And I know, I spelled Moreton wrong… sorryy :)

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      Ich sende dir ganz viele warme Sonnenstrahlen, liebe Sina! (:

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