Week #9: Ahoi Sophie in Sydney

Over Easter, I went to Sydney to get to know my mom’s aunt and cousins. They were so excited when mom told them I was in Australia, so they invited me to visit them and even paid for my flights.

During my stay at their house I got pampered. They knew that I wanted to explore Sydney, so they took their weekends off to show me around the city. My friend Jonas from Germany, who has been living in Sydney for a while during his year off, joined us. We went shopping, put our stamps onto the Sydney Opera House and enjoyed the sunny day strolling around the harbor.

On the next day my aunt and me went hiking in the Blue Mountains. It was a pretty spontaneous trip. I was about to have my breakfast (noodle soup, obviously), when she came out of her room and said: “Breakfast is a waste of time, let’s go explore something new.” So 10 minutes later we sat on the train and started the three hour journey. It was soo worth it. I wished I could have stayed longer, there was so much to see in the Blue Mountains: Hiking tracks, waterfalls and the view! And the fresh air! If you are in Sydney, you should definitely take some days off to visit the mountains.

On both days when we came home, my other relatives were already waiting for us, ready to serve dinner. The whole family came over (three aunts, one uncle, my grand aunt, their spouses and kids). They knew that I was craving for Vietnamese food (because I failed to cook it on my own), so they set up a meal plan with some of my favourite dishes (one week before my arrival, they gave me a phone call and asked for my preferences, I knoww). One of my aunts, owns three sea food shops – I was in heaven!

On my last day I went into the city on my own. I met Jonas and together we went shopping again. He bought some clothes and I bought some presents to say thank you to my family. The whole weekend, I was overwhelmed with love. Even though we met for the first time I felt like we’ve always known each other. It felt good to be with a part of my family for these couple of days, full of laughing, exploring and food. I am really grateful for the unconditional love I experienced and can’t wait to go to Sydney again.

Week #9: Ahoi Sophie in Sydney from Ahoi Sophie on Vimeo.

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